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UL’s testing, audit and inspection services help to protect brands and public health by managing and mitigating the challenges of today’s marketplace, from production to consumption.

UL 將安全視為食品連鎖企業的首要之務。

Our services for the Food and Beverage industry include:

  • Food safety inspections
  • FSMA Services
  • Safe quality food (SQF) certification and training
  • 食品工藝驗證
  • 供應商資格認證
  • Food quality assurance testing
  • Real-time training and advisory services

UL’s state-of-the-art food testing laboratories utilize standard test methods to accurately determine the presence of pathogens in food and beverages. Microbiological batch testing detects aerobic plate counts, yeast and mold. Our food forensics services can check for the presence and causes of alleged problems.



  • 風險評估
  • 營養分析
  • 食品工藝驗證
  • 供應商資格認證
  • 批量化學測試
  • 食品接觸材料測試
  • 供應鏈審核
  • 食品衛生
  • 貨架期測試
  • 穩定性測試
  • 零售食品和飲料標準
  • GMO 測試
  • 消費者研究和感官測試
  • 法規標籤審核
  • FDA 合規性測試
  • DNA 測試

UL also supports manufacturers in their drive to protect public health and comply with rigorous regional regulations and standards to help ensure the safety and quality of food contact materials. UL provides testing for a wide variety of food contact materials including:

  • Preparation surfaces – cutting boards, tables, stations
  • Containers – cups, mugs, boxes
  • Kitchenware – non-stick pots, chopping boards
  • Utensils – bowls, spoons, forks, knives
  • Packaging – bags, laminates, films, foils
  • Contact appliances – toasters, roasters, kettles


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